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Join the Keystone Transport Team

Keystone Transport is fast becoming the fine furniture industry’s choice for professional furniture delivery.

Our clients value the extra steps we take to protect their furniture from damage, dependable delivery schedule, state of the art delivery notification and tracking, and customer-oriented drivers.

To meet the rapidly increasing demand for our services, we are looking for skilled drivers to join our team.

Keystone Transport drivers enjoy generous benefits, a set schedule, and genuinely look forward to coming to work.

Current Job Openings

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Benefits At-a-Glance

  • Dependable, competitive salary
  • Healthcare benefits
  • Personalized uniform
  • Two weeks of vacation from the start
  • Four- to five-day regional routes
  • Travel the country and meet friendly people


Why Drive for Keystone Transport?

Get Paid a Salary, Not By the Mile

Stability of income and hours is rare in our industry. At Keystone, we provide this stability to our drivers. You don’t have to worry about a smaller paycheck due to miles; each of our drivers receives a dependable salary.

Enjoy Working on a Predicable Schedule

Our regular 4-5 day regional routes make for a consistent schedule. And since we are delivering to furniture stores, your delivery days regularly align with their 8 am – 5 pm hours. In an industry of crazy schedules, you and your family will love our dependable routine.

Support From Managers Who Are Also Professional Drivers

The owner and managers of Keystone Transport are professional drivers themselves and have first-hand experience delivering furniture. This gives you the assurance we have a keen understanding of your world and work together to support you.


Spend Weekends at Home

We know how hard it can be to raise a family while constantly on the road. That’s why we schedule our routes so you always have weekends at home. Imagine what you could do with weekends free: spend time with family, go camping, or simply rest at home.

We also work hard to accommodate flexibility in scheduling you and your family’s lives. Need time off for a doctor’s appointment or family event? We will work with you so you don’t miss the important things. No more earning vacation days either. On the day you sign, you get 2 weeks of vacation to use that year. At Keystone Transport, we know you have a family, and we’ll make sure you are there for them.

Use State-of-the-Art Technology

Keystone Transport emphasizes exceptional quality in all aspects of our business: our delivery procedures, our customer service, and our trucks and drivers. We make sure our drivers have the equipment necessary to make their deliveries safely and on time.

We have invested in several late-model trucks, now equipping new trucks with the latest safety features available, complete with GPS guidance, digital scheduling, and communications tools. This equipment allows drivers to make their deliveries on schedule. Drivers can also alert the next stop while in-route, so they are prepared for the driver’s arrival.

What We Look for in Our Drivers

For our drivers, it’s not just about driving. Our team of drivers is the face of Keystone Transport. We must provide excellent service to each customer on our routes. We value courteous drivers who are committed to building relationships with our regular customers and are willing to go the extra mile to make our customers happy.

Here’s what we look for in Keystone Transport drivers:

  • 23 years or older
  • 3 years of CDL experience
  • Clean driving record
  • Customer service-oriented

Does this sound good to you? Please complete the form below to inquire about a truck driver position.